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Join Apostle Louis as he shares 20 years of training experience with you.  There are two ways to join.

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Each course is designed with a specific topic.  You will join him on live Conference videos (active course only).  Also, you will receive 8 BSSM videos from Bethel with each course for your training.  In addition to all of that, there is also bonus material added as well.

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2. Join Louis live on Tuesday nights!

Every Tuesday starting February 15th, Louis will be conducting a free School of the Prophets online.  Text GateGSS to 77411.

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Phase 4-The Secret Place

The Secret Place is a mystery that God has invites us to join Him.  Apostle Louis will share secrets of the Secret Place journey that will bring revelation to you Pathway.

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Phase 5-Foundations

The Church has been on a prophetic journey since it was birthed on the day of Pentecost.  In this revelatory teaching Apostle Louis reveals the journey and how the Church is to respond. 

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GSS-Phase 1 Healing

A course devoted to your healing and the ministry of healing.

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GSS-Phase 2 Prophetic

Learn how to hear the voice of the Lord and minister prophetically.

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Angels In the Atmosphere

Available on August.  Sign up now and be a part of this exciting course.

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