The Melchizedek Package

The Melchizedek package consist of eight videos with notes. Eight live meetings where students are encouraged to ask questions. Apostle Louis also adds bonus material as needed.

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Why I do what I do.

Starting February 15th, we will begin The School of the Prophets online. Every Tuesday night, we will explore the depths of the Kingdom, pray, encourage, and disciple. My heart and vision for the School are to disciple those hungry to fulfill their God-given greatness. I want to be honest with you; I spent ten years in Church serving the Lord. I attended every meeting. I ushered, gave, sought the Lord. However, if it were not for Randi Lechner, I would have never been in my calling.  

You see, the system I was under was not concerned about me and my calling. I was more like a club member that was supposed to show up and keep the machine going. I loved what I did, and I did it with all my heart. I know the Lord was pleased, but I had one problem. God called me to be a prophet. My prophetic words in my life were starting to pile up. I needed a solution from heaven to help me.  

So what was God's solution? It was the School of the Prophets and Prophet Randi Lechner. Would it surprise you that most churches don't plan to raise influential people who know how to bring God's power and miracles? I am not finding fault but being honest with something that plaques the Church. We are called to disciple the nations, not gather into the barns. 

Are you hungry to get on the road to your greatness? Are you longing to find your purpose and passion? The School of the Prophets might be the place for you. I have even better news for you. The School of the Prophets is free and online. We will do everything on the Gate Church of Jacksonville app, available in the app stores. 

We need your information to add you to a specific list to be a part of this. We will send out an email with links, notes, and unique stuff just for you. HERE IS HOW YOU REGISTER. In the USA, text "GateGSS" to 77411". If you are outside of the USA, use 19049062625.  

I look forward to laboring with you. I am committed to the Lord to disciple God's people to greatness. 

With love and devotion,


A Class for Everybody

No matter how long you have been in the kingdom, there is something for you.

The Secret Place

The Secret Place is a mystery that God has invites us to join Him.  Apostle Louis will share secrets of the Secret Place journey that will bring revelation to you Pathway.

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Angels in the Atmosphere

In this course we are going to discuss Angels, Courtrooms, and Warfare.  This course will teach you about working with angels, working in the courtrooms, and strategy for warfare.

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The Prophetic

This phase is dedicated to the Topic of the Prophetic. We will cover topics like why God communicates, how God communicates, the Tabernacle Ministry.

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Let's get Busy!


Hi, I'm apostle Louis, and I have spent the past 20 years training God's people for ministry. I would like to help you.


More About Me

Do you have a calling that is unfulfilled?  

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Come and Abide

Go deep in prayer when you learn the power of the mystics to wait on God.  This powerful series will change your prayer life.

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King of Kings

This in-depth study of the Book of Revelation will reveal the glory of your God and King. Learn the books timing, audience, and mysteries.

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This series from Louis is a must if you want to fulfill your calling with God. You will learn revelation of the Kingdom and your role in bringing things to pass in your life.

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What can you expect from Louis' teachings?

Louis believes that Scripture is the final say in doctrine. He combines 30 years of study and encounters with the Spirit of Revelation when he teaches.  Louis' approach has always been from the Spirit of Truth.

Come and Abide

A series on contemplative prayer and abiding.

Song of Songs

Verse by verse exploring God's love song.

Esther and the One Thing

Exploring what is pleasing to the Lord.

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There are multiple way to become a partner with the ministry.  Each partner receive free access to many of the videos on the site. Click here!

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Courses available for your journey in the Supernatural

There are many courses available for those who are hungry. From healing to the prophetic. Apostle Louis has created many courses of study.