Lakeland- Louis is joining Todd Bentley there to dig the wells of revival that were set in the Florida Outpouring. Equipping Saints with expectations of miracles and healing.

Louis will be ministering at Revive Church with Pastor Diego Netto and Pastor Darren Davis. If you are in the area come join us for some exciting and powerful ministry.

Italy- Louis has formed a relationship with a church in Italy that is hungry to grow in the Apostolic and learn to exercise the gifts of the Spirit. We will be traveling there  to minister in the church as well as the streets of a country that has seen much of religion, but is in need of a revival of the personal experience of God.

Memphis- Louis and others will be part of a massive outreach event in Memphis, TN where many people will converge on the streets of Memphis and share the gospel. We are expecting many to come to Christ and to be healed or delivered as the Lord touches them.