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Are You A Leader?

leaders leadership May 08, 2020

This question needs to be defined before you answer. You see, when we talk about leadership, many people have different levels of understanding and concepts. One may attempt to climb the ladder of success in a different way, and this makes the whole matter much more conflicted. So I am going to try to explain what I mean by a leader and then you can answer the question.

Leaders and not born. There are no born leaders because we do not look to a newborn baby for leadership. Leadership is something that must be obtained and pursued to be effective. Another confusion comes when we tie position with leadership. Management structures create significant confusion within government or military authority structure. That is because much of the position structure is based on time employed.

John Maxwell describes leadership as an influence. Influence is leadership in its raw form. When it comes to entrepreneurs, leadership has to be even more defined. Leaders are the problem solvers, the creators of new things, and those who bring about change.

In ministry, leaders are those who go after the Lord with all they have, create new pathways for outreach and training, bring new concepts in their field.

If we combine these two, we can see a new kind of minister emerging; one that is hungry for the Lord and desires to build an ecosystem for others to thrive. Many times these two are separated by walls built by human parameters that restrict creativity. Also, most people are not trained in the way of entrepreneurship. I was an air-traffic controller for 23 years, and there was no correlation between what I did and free markets.

I made a lot of money, but did that make me a leader? In the government, some supervisors made more money than me, and many of them were not considered leaders. They were managers, and some of them were quite poor at their job. So how do we become a leader? Do we strive to get some position where people have to listen to us? Then when we reach the mountain, people will listen to us. Maybe when we make enough income, then we are a leader? These are more the by-products of success but not leadership.

One thing that will set you apart from the pack is problem-solving. What makes a company get in the position of the leader of a product? Is it not that they introduced a product or reinvented and old concept that changed things?

I think of a few products that have done this. The iPhone and the iPad are two. Google online services and Amazon shopping. These market leaders changed the way we do just about everything today. When it comes to the church, we have ministries like Global Awakening, Bethel, Vineyard, MorningStar, and Hillsong.

If you are going to be a leader in the body of Christ, you have to realize that it takes more than being a minister. Not one of these ministries grew on their own. There was a lot of work that went into forming them and keeping the momentum. June 2020 is going to mark 30 years that I have been in ministry. I have found that being a leader has a lot to do with hard work, creative thinking, and planning as well as being a good preacher.

I have known many good preachers, faithful preachers, that were confined by an imaginary box that kept them in a place of limitation. So if I may, I would like to help you go from just functioning to thriving.

Things that can make you different.

Don't just do what is required or expected.

So often we are waiting to be told to do something. However, treat your job or position as if you were the owner. Think about how you will bring an increase to the company you are working for or the church you are serving. Owners or leaders do not get a day off from these thoughts. Leaders are continually thinking and meditating on a project or task. They think of the problems and the solutions that might arise and begin to navigate them even before they get started.

Magnify Your Talents

Magnify what you bring to the table. Work hard at your craft. Come early and listen to the vision and imagine how you can develop it. Remember, Google did not invent the internet, nor did Apple create the first phone. However, they believed how they could tap into the market. You are on the team for a reason, and you can make a difference. Don't wait for some opportunity. Create one by being productive.

Follow Thru

One of the most consistent failures I see is the lack of follow-thru. Do not get distracted before you finish the job. You must be like a runner and ruin through the tape. Don't celebrate early. Don't take a time out. It takes more energy to get moving again than just to keep going.

Faithfulness and Loyalty

I am a big believer in these components of a team. Someone might be loyal to the job but not faithful in the fulfilling of that job. I might be loyal to my company when another company tries to hire me away. However, that does not mean I am faithful to the task. I must give my total effort all the time to the leader or boss. I do not want to give less than 100 percent of my energy. Less than our best can often happen in big companies where people learn how to provide the minimum. If you have ever worked for the government, you will know what I mean. You want to give your boss or leader more than is expected, not less.

Be Early

You don't want to be the last one in the room. Get there early and be ready. I have always worked at being first to appointments. You don't want your boss or leader waiting for you. It is a sign of disrespect to them.

For this reason, I have always valued time. So, getting there early, I said to the person I am meeting that I am here to do the work. On another point, when I am working for someone, I ask two questions. What time do you want me here, and what time do you get here? I usually choose the latter for my time to show up. I treat it like my business. I cannot tell you many open doors I had walked through because I was there when they opened.


Your boss is not your counselor. He or she has brought you on the team for a project or task. Don't treat this as your time to get personal counsel. Leaders are busy, and you must wait for them to ask if you require anything like that. With that said, when you show up, be ready to go. Readiness includes attitudes as well. Leaders have to manage themselves always to present a right demeanor. They don't get to take a day off and hide. If you are going to be a leader, then you will have to do this. Thirty years ago, a millionaire told me this. Leaders learn how to control their emotions. I have thought about that all these years. It has been one of the greatest truths for leadership. I have watch leaders lose it and check out only to find that they don't have anyone left when they return.

If you remember these things and make them a part of your daily toolbelt, you will find yourself walking through open doors. Leaders are looking for those that know how to separate themselves from the group. You do this by being extraordinary. Do this by being creative and attentive. It is what you will want when you are the leader.


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