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Positioning Ourselves

positioning transition Oct 22, 2020

Where do you go from here? Soon the election will be over, Covid will fade away, and Americans will be back to work. Have you dreamed of this day? How do we, as Christians, position ourselves in the unknown future. I am glad that you asked. The truth is we do have some road map to where the world is going. We do have some information about where the Lord is going.

God's Prophets

It is essential to listen to God's prophets on days like this if you don't all the time. It is always critical for the Church to listen to the prophets that God has raised in the season. You will see some seasoned prophets that God will use, and then there will be echoes.

Echoes are those that read prophecies of others and then prophecy them as their own. There is no problem if you read someone else's prophecy, and then God adds to it. We see this in Daniel, Chapter 9. Here Daniel is reading the prophecy from Jeremiah. There is one thing that we need to note from Daniel. He openly confesses that he was reading, praying, and inquiring about Jeremiah's prophecy.

That is what is needed to disclose how you began. It in no way disqualifies the next prophecy; it gives it strength. So it is vital that as prophets speak, and the prophets judge what God is saying. Never in my 30 years in the Church have I seen such a fluid season. It has been a wild ride so far. This rollercoaster has a couple of roles and corkscrews still to come.

So, listen to God's prophets. Pray into what they are saying. Listen to what the Lord says to you doing your quiet time. And implement what the Lord tells you to do. This is how we position ourselves for the waves and bumps ahead. If we do this, it will go well for us.



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