Come and Abide

In this powerful series, Louis will lead you through these wonderful and inspiring topics.  

Disc 1:  Yielding Our Souls-Jesus told His disciples that if they would abide in Him and His word would abide in them, that they could ask whatever they desired, and His Father would do it for them.

Disc 2:  Prayer of Simplicity-This second level of prayer is designed by the Lord to kill all of our human attempts to go to Him.  

Disc 3:  Abandonment-When I abandon myself to the Lord I in turn also allow the Lord to rule over all my troubles and allow Him to work out His masterful plan.

Disc 4:  Secret Place-The closer you are to God the more of His nature you will be able to partake.  The more of His Nature you partake of, the less you will have a desire for the things of the flesh.  

Disc 5:  Prayer Without Ceasing-Beyond rest there is another state of being with the Lord, the state of continual prayer.

Disc 6: The Divine Union With God-Our ultimate goal is the Divine Union with God.